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Thursday, October 11, 2012

That 1 Guy

The Stiefel Theatre
Salina, KS
© Lydia Lowe 10/05/2012

 That 1 Guy . . . The stage lights came up and on the stage was a guy in a hat standing next to what can best be described as plumbing.  Chrome plated plumbing to be sure and there’s an electronic pad set up on the stage floor at his feet with pedals that look like they came off a piano.  Add a snare drum to this and you have the one man band that is That 1 Guy, better known as Michael Silverman.

I’ve never seen anyone produce music from chrome plated plumbing pipes like this.  It had an otherworldly quality to the sound.  It was played as one part drum beat when he’d tap on the pipe, one part violin strings when he’d run a violin bow or his hands across the pipe and away, and one part unique sound.  At times he would accompany himself by doing a bit of a dance across the electronic pad on the floor and then he’d add in that snare drum.  Many times he did this all at the same time.

The tunes were fast-driving, hard charging which would change in an instant to something melodic and emotional.  Truly this was music that touched something inside but it was hard to define what that might be and I leave it up to the listener to decide how this music speaks to you. 

That 1 Guy, Michael Silverman performs primarily in Las Vegas but I’m glad that he decided to do the tour with Kings X and Kansas.  I feel very lucky to have caught his show and witnessed his music.  Check out his website and listen to his tunes.  You are in for a real treat that is totally unique.

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