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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Kinsey Sicks

Century II: The Mary Jane Teall Theatre
Salina, KS
© Lydia Lowe 9/21/2012

The Kinsey Sicks . . . What do you get when you take 4 pairs of high heels, 4 red, white and blue dresses, 4 outlandish over the top hair pieces, and mix in 4 men?  Yes, 4 men, known as Trampolina, Rachel, Trixie and Winnie.  You get The Kinsey Sicks.  This quartet of cross dressing men have been performing together now for twenty years and their act never gets old.

 The Kinsey’s sing and dance to popular songs that they’ve re-written the lyrics to, they tell jokes and use innuendo to get their message across, there are sight gags, too.  And oh the sight gags, such as Rachel eating Cheetos out of her underpants and then offering some to an audience member on the front row.  It was an audience hit.  The show on Friday night featured lots of audience participation, as the Kinsey’s went out into the audience to engage audience members and poke fun at themselves at the same time. 

This show on Friday night was entitled “The Erectile Dysfunction Tour” and was a spoof on this year’s election in which the Kinsey’s, all four of them, had been asked to step in and run in Romney’s place.  Needless to say the satire was as over the top as they are, and included references to all of the hot button issues that have gotten Romney into trouble with the press as well as with other candidates.  Clearly the Kinsey’s had an agenda but at times it was hard to decide just which side of the election they were on.  It was all in good fun and no matter the political preference, everyone had a good laugh.

Near the end of the show the Kinsey’s brought a young man on stage and sang a song to him.  When someone from the audience comes on stage at any event, you never know if they are going to freeze up or play along, and this young man did a fantastic job.  He played it to the hilt and I even began to wonder if he was a plant.  But after the show it was learned that he was a theatre student, just there watching the show, was thrilled to have been invited on stage, and was use to being on stage in front of a crowd.  The Kinsey’s couldn’t have picked a better audience member to join them on stage.

Truly this was an inspired show and so funny.  I’ve never left a Kinsey’s show where I haven’t just laughed myself silly.  What a great way to forget your troubles for a little while and get happy. 

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