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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Enchanting Art Dolls & Soft Sculptures

Enchanting Art Dolls & Soft Sculptures
Marina Druker
© Lydia Lowe  8/01/2012

If you're interested in making that first cloth doll or going deeper and giving your cloth dolls more polish, this is the book for you.  Marina covers everything from the essential tools and materials needed, the basics of doll making, costuming your dolls, and creating soft sculptures.

At the beginning, Marina explains that doll making is a very liberating activity and it allows for flexibility as you work with the materials, so that all dimensions are approximate and not exact.  Much of what Marina does relies on crazy quilting and embroidery techniques, and this was something I was very interested in, but the use of heavy embellishments can be used as little or as much as you desire.

There are plenty of patterns that cover free standing dolls, dolls framed in still life scenes, dolls as brooches, plus fancy fish, teddy bears, and even a country cottage.  A gallery at the end of the book I found to be particularly inspiring.  A template section is included as well for those of us who really need a starting point.

This book has everything that you need to get started making dolls and soft sculptures.  You're only limited by what you can imagine.

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