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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Skylar Mead's Outside Drum Clinic

Metro Coffee
Hutchinson, KS
© Lydia Lowe 7/27/2012
Skylar Mead . . . gave a drum clinic at Metropolitan Coffee on Friday night.  Skylar is awesome on the drums.  He plays a double bass which is truly a thing to behold.  I really enjoyed listening to him play. 

In an interview after the clinic, Skylar explained about the various parts of his drum kit and how everything works together to achieve his sound.  He is self taught and plays by ear with no formal musical training.  If you've heard of the band, "Beneath the Burning Sun" then you are already familiar with Skylar's music, as he is one of the original founding members.  Although he is no longer with the band, he is still very involved with music, as evidenced by his drum clinic at The Metro.  I'm not sure if the pieces that he played on Friday night were improv pieces he made up on the spot or actually pieces that he's heard or learned, but the music he played on Friday night was amazing.

The drum clinic will be held again next month at Hastings.  Check it out and if you have children; Skylar says "bring them out and they can actually play on my kit".

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Yunims said...

a good effort to further introduce music to children.