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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quilt Blocks Around the World

Quilt Blocks Around the World
Debra Gabel
© Lydia Lowe  3/17/2012

First we traveled across the United States with Debra Gabel's first book, "Quilt Blocks Across America" now it's time to travel around the world with Debra Gabel's second book.  These two books go hand in hand.  I can't see owning one without the other.  They play into one another so well.

What I thought was an unusual and welcome part of this book is that Debra doesn't assume that you've seen the previous book.  She covers all the in's and out's of the various methods, materials and gadgets you'll use, from the beginning, and explains everything in detail which takes the intimidation factor out of the entire process and makes it more user friendly.  Debra wants you to succeed.  She discusses a variety of issues on how to use this book. She gives several ideas about how to handle tiny pieces of fabric, as well as raw edge applique vs the more traditional zigzag applique technique.

Creativity is very important to Debra.  You can tell that by the way she encourages her readers to pick and choose pieces and parts from each design to create a design from a specific country that speaks just to you and your experiences.  She also provides a variety of ways to create specific blocks, some are incorporated as the centers of traditional blocks.  She encourages you to find new ways to express the designs, too. 

Debra is always providing a pep talk and words of encouragement, so that quilters don't get bogged down in making a perfect block, and instead just play with the designs and have fun.  That's what I love about both of Debra's books, the emphasis on the camaraderie, the fun, the exploration of techniques rather than the perfection of a specific block.  You have to check this book out.  It's a keeper! 

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