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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Elena Urioste & Michael Brown

The McPherson Opera House
McPherson, KS
© Lydia Lowe  2/11/2012
Elena Urioste and Michael Brown . . . What a concert!  Who would have thought that classical music could be so hip and happening?  After hearing Elena and Michael play, I am now a huge fan of classical music. 

These two performers play with a passion I haven't seen in quite a while.  While they play, they get lost in the music and it's hard to tell the music from the performer.  The two are so tied up together.  The pieces that they chose to play had such a deep emtional quality and I think that the way the performers played them further enhanced those emotional qualities.  At times I could feel the hairs on my arm stand up, or I'd get a chill down my back, or a tear in my eye; and I know when that happens I'm hearing something extraordinary. 

Both these performers are in their 20's but they are so professional, they play with such mastery, that they seem much older, more worldly.  Both Elena and Michael have traveled the world and have been in many competitions, here and abroad.  They've also played with symphonies, big and small; well-known and unknown.

During the interview, before I saw their show, Elena mentioned several ways to bring a younger audience into an appreciation of classical music.  One idea that stood out for me was to have classical music playing in the background at after work mixers at coffee shops or bars, anywhere people gather.  Many times you'll hear rock or jazz or country music playing, why not classical music.  This would be a way to bring classical music to a more diverse audience. 

Definately check out their individual websites and hear them play.  Their websites are listed on the links page.  If you get a chance to hear them, do just that.  You won't be sorry.  They play with depth and feeling.

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