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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mark Bowling

Metropolitan Coffee,  Hutchinson, KS
© Lydia Lowe  11/05/2011
MARK BOWLING . . . is a singer/songwriter that I would characterize as a folk singer which immediately brings to mind another folk singer/songwriter, John Denver.  The  parallels are amazing!  Even Mark agrees that his style is similar to that of John Denver.  He didn't set out to become the next John Denver, he just fell into it.

Mark is very unassuming and has no desire to be in the spotlight.  He enjoys writing songs and performing them in the privacy of his studio.  His hope is to have other artists perform his songs one day.  I'm not sure that other performers could do his songs justice.  Mark's songs are deeply personal and reflect pieces of his life.  Many songs are serious and introspective, as well as funny and lighthearted.  Yet, the songs have a universal appeal.

At the time that I saw Mark perform, he had just come back from Nashville, where he had presented some of his songs to music executives.  Mark and two other song writing hopefuls had presented songs.  The other two writers had been sharply criticized by the music company for all sorts of different problems with their songs.  Mark didn't receive any criticisms for the songs that he presented.

Truly Mark Bowling is a singer/songwriter to watch.  Will Mark sell his songs and propel well-known country music artists to number one slots on the music charts?  Or will he take the "John Denver" route, writing and performing his own songs as a singer/songwriter?  Only the future knows for sure.

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