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Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Moon Over Manifest" By Clare Vanderpool

"Moon Over Manifest"

I just finished reading this book and it is one of the best that I've read this year.
This is the first book that the author, Clare Vanderpool, has written and published.
It won a John Newberry Medal and is a Kansas Notable book.  Quite an achievement for a first novel.

The book has many different depths.  The reader wades in and gets pulled along into the deep water very quickly.  The twists and turns, the unexpected revelations over the course of the book are compelling.  At the center of it all, a compass.  

This is marketed and cataloged as a young adult novel, but any age will enjoy this.  It covers a lot of adult topics and historical information.  It's very easily read.  The authors notes at the end of the book were a delight.  I am so glad that she included all of the additional information.

Read this book.  You'll be thinking of it long after you finish reading it.

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